Hedge Fund Q3 Letters And Conferences

As is the custom at ValueWalk on the first day of the new Q we create the page for all the notable hedge fund events of that quarter. This Q3 2017 hedge Fund Letters page was originally letters but we have expanded it to hedge fund conferences, feature stories, misc, activism and more. However, due to the proliferation in particular of conferences and activism we tend to do the following – for activism if it is a short campaign we post a link or two, if a dedicated campaign like with Bill Ackman at the time of this writing against ADP well provide links to his dedicated site ADPascending since it gets tedious for us and readers to view every single SEC filing.


UPDATE 11/19/17 we will note the last few changes for Q3 2017 hedge Fund Letters in paywalled content here on this post , but all announcements above the paywall in terms of what we added will be made on the old post page – please do not ask us where to find this


In terms of conferences there are so many that we try to focus on more interesting/value added ones or ones we attend. So for both this Q3 2017 hedge fund letters page and prior ones there is no exact formula so we always welcome reader input!

Also, feel free to help us out with conferences if you are competent and attended or want to attend any if open to media we could get you in for free and if not open to media we could help you in other ways.


Also, I saw someone claim violation of copyright in some forum specifically related to this page – nothing could be farther from the truth and we take legals matters seriously and consult frequently with our lawyers and other top lawyers on IP and other media issues. People should know at least the basics before they go on spreading lies, but we will leave aside since trolls will be trolls and haters will hate – also this is not a legal post and I am not a licensed. So let me add that disclaimer not only are we not providing endorsements, nor investment advice nor are we are not providing legal advice 🙂

Additionally, we do not do due diligence on hedge funds, while we would not “profile” funds we think are frauds (it comes up time to time) we are not an RIA (although I will be affiliated with one soon that does not relate to ValueWalk) or related and it takes a lot of time to and resources to do that due diligence. That is a job for experts and takes a lot of time – we in no way claim that you should or should not invest in these funds. Also, even a fund seems really sketchy like blatantly sketchy for legal reasons and because it is improper journalistic practice we will not accuse it of being a fraud (although those links probably will not appear below anyway).

Before I start on tips I was speaking to a colleague who is deep in hedge fund due diligence and I cannot say more without giving away his ID but he has done a lot of important work. And without me pressing the point he agreed ValueWalk is a vital resource (not stressing endorsements although feel free to see that here) and that the pension system is so dire it is important to bring light on some manners. If a pension fund is paying money to a zero value added hedge fund and therefore retirees wont have money and/or taxes will be raised (in some cases both) that is a serious issue. If you do not think the pension situation is serious (and I am not a doom and gloom type) just read this article for one on the New Jersey pension system (where is the state where we are incorporated).

I do not think alternatives should not be used by pensions but the alpha is more likely to come from smaller funds rather than brand name funds with too much assets who can either blow up or end up as a clone index fund, just with enormous fees.

Also, see our recent articles titled Thanks To HF Fee Structure, Pension Funds Will Pay $30 Billion Extra

The above is just one of numerous stats concerning the dire state of pension funds.

Additionally, the future of journalism is at a cross-roads. That can either be watermelon squeezing (if you want to even call that journalism because I do not and its not even entertaining – who cares about watermelons and rubber bands – I’d rather watch Game Of Thrones) or holding our Government officials accountable for how pension money is allocated. In my opinion, that is way more important than most of the financial news media and the latest ticker quotes on what the FAMGA did today and I wish I could devote all my time to those issues.

The above criticism was not labeled at anyone in particular and there are great FOFs, pension funds, big hedge funds etc. I meant as a general rule.

On tips
If you are concerned about issues of confidentiality, privacy or other legal issues related to sending information, you can review the following ProPublica article on communicating confidentially. ProPublica recommends that if you are sending information by mail, that you consider sending it without a return address, but we will accept any form of submission and protect your confidentiality to the full extent of the rights provided under the law. Anonymous hedge fund news tips by email can be sent to tips(@)valuewalk.com. Also for super secure-file sharing we like onionshare and for messaging Signal App. I can be contracted on signal at 845-304-5782.

Also, most of our readers are well-connected in the industry and rich (way wealthier than us – we face growing challenges from malicious copyright trolls who would shakedown a disabled dying veteran if they could earn an extra few lira, deadbeat ad agencies who blatantly breach contract and just do not pay a penny knowing that we are stuck unless we go to court which is expensive, time consuming and unpleasant, and related parasites. Please consider us in mind if you can ever help out with tips or far more importantly with tips

The one reason why we can do this is because of our loyal fans and our unwavering commitment to protect our sources to the best limits legally and humanly possible.

NOTE: The list is in alphabetical order. To be completely accurate, while most funds listed below are hedge funds some are mutual funds or other (i.e. Berkshire Hathaway), some letters are public, also we cannot post full letters in most cases because of US copyright law and it would likely not fall under fair use (one reader had the idea that I don’t even know). The list is (mostly) in alphabetical order.

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Without further to do Q3 2017 hedge fund letters below and stay tuned because this page was just launched

Q3 2017 hedge fund letters


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Q3 2017 hedge Fund Letters

Absolute Return Partners

Alluvial July

Artko – 10/21

Ariel – 10/22

Alkeon 11/12


Atremis – 10/22


Ariel july

Aristotle 1015

Austenback July

AzValor -1124

Avenir – 10/31

Bayes 11/7


Baron 12/10

Barnegat – 10/30

Bireme – 11/9

Baupost on PR, Part II


Bill Nygren

BlueTower – 10/26

Bonhoeffer – 11/12

Berkowitz on SHLD – 10/17

Broad Run – 10/26

Brevan Howard

BlackBear – 10/26




CableCar 10/15

Centaur – 11/12

Corsair – 10/24

Cureen – 10/25

 Convoy – 11/27

Cobas 12/10

Crescat 11/19

Clearbridge 11/7

Dodge & Cox – 10/23


Deer Park – 10/30


Emerging Value 11/24

Ewing Morris 10/17

Evermore 11/5

Gator 11/24

Global Allocation Fund

Horseman August

Hidden Champions 12/4

Incline – 11/6


Half Moon – 10/31

Hayden – 11/7


First Eagle – 10/28

Firefly 11/16

FPA 10/18



Global Allocation

Greenhaven 10/28

Gilder Gagnon soars – 10/19


GrizzlyRock – 10/21

Hypotenuse – 10/30

Hazelton – 10/22

Horizon Kinetics – PE Memo

  • Q3 10/28

IceCap – 10/22

IP Capital 10/22

Jensen call 11/7

GMO – EM Debt

Generic Capital – 11/10

Greenwood – 10//19

Greenhaven Road – 10/30

GreyOwl 11/9

Jensen 10/15


Kempen – 10/24

KKR – 10/16

Lakewood – 10/25

Laughing Water – 11/7

Left Brain – 11/01

Lindsell Train – 10/211

Lighthouse – 11/16

Longleaf – 10/15

Logos 10/18

Longleaf – 11/16

Locust Wood – 10/30

Mairs 11/7

Maverick 10/19

Mead – 10/16


  • Q3 – 11/10

Moab – 10/26

Meson – 10/25

Maverick – 10/21

Miller – 10/22

Mittleman 11/1


Moore Capital


Peters MacGregor – 10/30

Pabrai 10/16



Omega 10/19

Old West – 10/22


Oldfield Partners – 10/30

Papyrus 11/7

Picton Mahoney

Pzena 11/30

ws 11/19

Roumell – 10/25


RV Capital


Stanphyl July

Tweedy 10/18

Third Avenue all on 11/16

Third Point


Sandon 11/16

Sionna 12/10


SouthPoint– 10/30

StoneHouse up 157%


Triarii 10/25

TIG – 10/31

Turtle Creek – 11/16

Two Sigma July

Trapeze 12/10

Upslope – 10/31

Weitz Q3

Wedgewood 10/15

WhaleRock 12/14

Wolf Hill – 10/21



Vilas – 11/9

Vulcan 11/5

Q3 2017 hedge fund letters Features


Andy Hall right but too late

Arlington Value

Artemis VIX

Berkshire vs HFs

Black Monday


Cederberg Capital

China HFs

Throw in the towel

China short 2.0

China trolls Hayman


Climate Change

CT HF PM runs for Gov

Dalio’s Quest to Outlive Himself

Book tour

Our interview with Ray, and part II

Eurozone short HF closes

Cross Quants


Icahn RINs

Icahn biofuels

Icahn trump

Icahn down big

Hedge fund weatherman



Gullane Capital

HFs thirst for 2% return

Fast traders crushed

Man Group

Goes all in on AI

Mifid 2



Mark Hart gives up Yuan short

Lindsell Train

Novogratz goes crazy on crypto

Larry Robbins ACA

Paul Singer

Peltz kills 100k jobs?

Point 72

Puerto Rico

PR losses

Private Debt

Quants crushed

Quant Robots

Quant youngesters

Reinsurers weather


Robot analysts


Two Sigma

Scavenger Hunt

Sun Valley, Druck on AMZN,Klarman

Sound Point

Steve Cohen charging 2.4% mgmt fee

Trump, Ziff, Hermitage

Q3 2017 hedge fund letters And Conferences

American Century

Camp Kotok, more

Delivering Alpha and interviews


Morningstar ETF – BlackRock, Vanguard, Moats, Ritholtz, Nudging

Mining Conference – Paulson slides

Sohn SF

Wide Moat Investing


Total Alts

Q3 2017 hedge fund letters Operational stats

Andy Hall’s goodbye

Austenback closes

Baupost returns cash

BAM hires from GS

Hugh Hendry shuts

Hutchin Hill shuts credit

Mandel retiring

Saba closure\


Pharo Macro

Whitney Tilson closes

CommonWealth Opportunity

Greenight redemptions




Europe prepares




Q3 2017 hedge fund letters Investment Pitches


Alaris Royalty

Naty Gas


Crescat on China


Buffett w/ students, slides


HF of the year gets scammed

Howard Marks

RTRS vs Brevan


Loeb FB



Hedge fund letter template



Alluvial 11/24


Absolute Return 11/1

Bronte Nov 12/ 10

Brevan Howard






Odey 11/23




Third Pt

  • Oct returns
  • Nov



AgeCroft 12/21

Asia Value Conference – 10/22

Buffett w/ students, more – 10/26

Capitalize For KidsEinhorn, Levin, 3G , Eisman, Smith, Cowen – UPDATED 10/21

DealBook – 11/10

EBI full notes 11/16

Invest 4 Kids – notes pdf 11/2

Grants – Cohodes, Taconic

Oxford – Einhorn Warns 11/16

Odey 12/7

Reuters 11/16

RobinHood Greenberg, Saba 10/22

Sohn London 12/4

Sohn Brazil 12/6

WSJ CEO Conference



AI vs Buffett 12/6

Buffett’s heir 12/7

Baupost Westinghouse 12/7

Baupost leans in 112/7


Buffett vs Cohodes 10/18

Buffett AI 11/16

G&D 10/16

Goldman vs GSO 12/7

Loeb long malls 11/12

Paradise Papers – reinsurers

Psychopaths – 10/19

Paul Singer will kidnap your childen 12/7


SEC probes PBs  12/7

Soros son 12/2

Woodford 12/2


BW Marketer leaves

BW endowments

Hutchin Hill shuts 12/1

Family Office boon – 10/22

Quant HF shuts


SAC trader leaves


DD oil activism

Truman, Dewey 2.0


G&D 12/20

Stanphyl TSLA

Convoy on cryptos

DREAM 12/15

Clark on shorting

Dalio on taxes 12/6

Hulu short 12/21

Jackpotty 12/15

Platinum on Asia 12/2


TIF 12/23


Munger at Ross 12/24


Cooperman on SEC

Griffin cracks down on sugar

Kyle Bass sued 12/4

Jim Grant Vs Dalio, more, our in-depth coverage on the topic with behind the scenes commentary – 10/15/17

Ostrich farm in Uganda 12/20

Steph Curry