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There are 2 types of investors:

Investor A invests their money in the market to simply preserve their wealth. They’re happy as long as their investments keep up with inflation, while they work in their jobs or businesses.

Investor B is ready for their money to work for them. They know that an 8% return from the S&P isn’t the path to building massive wealth, and they really hate paying the ridiculous fees to large fund managers…especially after seeing their actual return after the fees are taken out.

In the end, they wonder if they should have just invested in the S&P and saved the headache.

Investor B types know they need to go outside of the mainstream investment world to find the true opportunities in the marketplace. Opportunities Investor A would call “risky.”

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How to Find Growth Opportunities in the Stock Market

Investor B knows that relying on the market analysis (and therefore what stocks they recommend) of large firms has huge problems.

They subscribe to publications that talk about the next Blue Chip stock, which industries are about to start growing…etc

But it’s all a smokescreen, and NOT the way to grow wealth in the stock market.

They know the reports they read are created by analysts who don’t have a goal to provide them with the best investment opportunity. 

These analysts are more concerned with surfing the corporate politics within the firm, dealing with the bureaucracy, and trying to find a way to stand out to someone in the multiple layers of management above them in a cut-throat environment.

Investor B starts researching market opportunities, and it’s clear that where the real opportunities are is investing in smaller companies. Companies that are up-and-coming, but are still small enough to be overlooked by the mainstream financial markets.

The question is how to predictably find these small-cap opportunities…and then have the confidence to take action and invest in them.

The default option is to utilize a team of analysts who are constantly researching new opportunities. 

The downside with this option is that a team is  expensive, and you run the risk of investing in dud companies, companies that you buy high, and then are forced to sell low.

With the overhead, you can’t really afford to invest in a dud…

So how do you increase the certainty, and chances of investing in golden small-cap stocks?

There are plenty of smaller funds, many of which have been around for decades, that are quietly making 30%+ YoY growth for their clients.

For Investor B, the most obvious path is to have these successful funds tell him their investment strategies and which small-cap stocks they’re looking at. It’s also helpful to receive the analysis and reasoning behind why they are choosing these companies to invest their client’s capital in.

How to Find the Small-Cap Stocks Tops Funds Are Investing In

The easiest way to learn what these top funds are investing in, is to just have them tell you.

What if every quarter, these funds would send you an in-depth analysis of what their portfolio strategy is, and the top 2 small cap stocks they’re investing their client’s funds in, with a full breakdown of those companies including:

  • The Upside and Risk Analysis
  • Full EBITA valuation breakdown
  • Price targets, with the reasoning behind them

Do you think if these funds would send you this, you’d be able to get above-average returns?

This is exactly what Hidden Value Stocks does.

We’ve spent the past 13 years building close relationships with some of the top boutique and innovative funds out there. Funds that vastly outperform their mainstream Wall Street competitors.

They’re not looking to grow into a Wall Street fund, they just want to quietly sit back, and make their clients (and themselves) rich.

And because they want the Hedge Fund Alpha community to do well, they are more than happy to sit down with us for full interviews about their funds, their performance and what they’re doing to grow the wealth of their clients.

(And they hope that by sharing this information with you, you’ll profit as well, and when your wealth is large enough you’ll want to invest with them.)

Why should you invest in Small Cap Stocks?

There’s a simple reason to invest in small-cap stocks.

It’s the #1 way to get wealthy in the stock market.

This is exactly the strategy Warren Buffett used when he was first building Berkshire-Hathaway.

“If I had $10,000 to invest, I would focus on smaller companies because there would be a greater chance that something was overlooked in that arena.”

Warren Buffett

Today, Buffett can’t use this strategy. His fund is too big. Investing in a small company would cause its price to rise too fast, potentially triggering an SEC notice…

But for the average small or mid-sized investor, investing in small-cap stocks is a great way to dramatically grow your wealth.

And there’s no better way to have high-value small-cap stocks handed to you on a silver platter than by subscribing to Hidden Value Stocks

The funds we profile are funds with decades of successful track records. These guys are winners. And our goal is to help the Hidden Value Stocks community to be winners too.

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How to get 2 in-depth interviews from top fund managers with their top small-cap stock picks sent to your inbox every quarter

“I have found Hidden Value Stocks to be a valuable publication at uncovering unknown investments and unknown managers, and I look forward to reading the publication each quarter.”

Joe Boskovich Jr. – Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, and Portfolio Manager, Old West Investment Management, LLC

Hedge Fund Alpha is our main community, where we share the latest Hedge Fund news, the Hedge Fund Letter Vault, in-depth investor conference recaps and more.

That community contains more than 1000+ investors.

We don’t let that many people into Hidden Value Stocks.

Right now, we have a few dozen spots available, and we’re looking for a certain caliber of investor to join us.

The fund managers we profile are some of the BEST in the business. The stocks we profile are what they’re actively investing their client’s money (and their own reputations) in. 

There is simply no publication out there where the people sharing their expertise have this much skin in the game, which means that you KNOW they’ve done their due diligence and are expecting above-average positive returns.

Compare that to the Harvard-educated analyst who’s publishing the reports for the large Wall Street firms.

The faith in those reports is limited to that analyst’s desire to keep their job – not grow their client’s wealth.

Hidden Value Stocks community members are serious investors who know the value they are getting and are courageous enough to take action on the information we provide.

If you don’t feel you’d get tangible value from getting the top stock picks from top fund managers sent to you every quarter, we don’t want you to join.

The community in Hidden Value Stocks is a group of people with winning mindsets. And that’s who we want to join – only people with winning mindsets.

If you don’t feel you’ll get any value from Hidden Value Stocks, we don’t want your money.

But if you ARE a winner, and are ready to add some great companies to your portfolio, we invite you to join us risk-free.

If for any reason you’re unhappy with the information we give you we’ll refund you 100% up to 60 days after you join us.

And if after 60 days you’re not happy with the new Hidden Value Stocks reports that we send you, you can cancel at any time and we’ll refund your last payment.

What Can I Expect?

To be clear, no one can guarantee a return in the market short term. The funds we profile are the best in the business, and even with their successes, they can occasionally have some duds.

With that being said, In the last edition of Hidden Value Stocks, we profiled a fund that in the previous year had grown their client’s portfolios by 70% HIGHER than the top Index Funds and mainstream Hedge Funds.

What would your portfolio look like if it was outperforming by 70%?

Just to give an example of what that means, if your portfolio holds $10 million.

The average hedge fund return is 15%, so after 1 year your fund would be $11.5 million

A 70% increase would be $12.55 million – an additional $1.05 million in 1 year!

Which choice would you rather make?

What’s the Cost?

What is the investment to join Hidden Value Stocks?

We could easily charge $7,000 per quarter for this report (and we may in the future).

But we’re offering this right now for only $299 per quarter and if you join for the yearly option it comes to only $199 per quarter

What will happen if you don’t join Hidden Value Stocks?

You could lose out on a potential 30-70% higher portfolio 1 year from now.

Now to be completely honest, you could do all of this yourself. Technically you don’t need Hidden Value Stocks.

Here’s how to get the top stock picks with a full analysis from top fund managers given to you every quarter so you can make profitable adjustments to your portfolio.

We’ve also conveniently included the approx timeframe and costs:

  • Build relationships with these top fund managers (4-6 years)
  • Go to the top investing conferences, ~$3,000 per conference
  • Ask for and perform the interviews. These typically take 4-6 months to book, then sitting down for 3 hours to interview the fund manager
  • Plus the other admin costs, and the value in getting all of the information reviewed from another expert (us) to ensure the information is accurate and actionable.

Or you can sign up for Hidden Value Stocks where you can take advantage of all the work we’ve already put in so you don’t have to. You’ll just get the result, distilled down into a quarterly report that you can take action on immediately to grow your portfolio returns.

We hope to see you in the Hidden Value Stocks community.

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