Hidden Value Stocks Q1 2024 Issue

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Welcome to the second issue of Hidden Value Stocks from the newly rebranded Hedge Fund Alpha (formerly ValueWalk Premium). Some big things are happening here at HFA. We’ve been busy behind the scenes, working on significant improvements for the site. We launched the new site in March, including some major improvements in design, speed and functionality versus the old site.

We’re also adding “Hidden Value Stocks” to the Hedge Fund Alpha site so that subscribers will have a single login for all subscription content on the site and for our quarterly newsletter which will take place in April 2024.. We’re excited to roll out the other new features we’re working on right now, so stay tuned for those.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Hidden Value Stocks. Please contact us at info@hedgefundalpha.com with any comments, questions or suggestions.

This issue features Chris Hillary of Roubaix Capital and Connor Browne and Rob MacDonald of City Different Investments.

Introduction to Chris Hillary and Roubaix Capital

Chris Hillary is CEO and portfolio manager at Denver-based Roubaix Capital, LLC, overseeing about $165 million in long/ short small- and mid-cap (SMID) funds. He began his career in New York, specializing in fixed income at Morgan Stanley before relocating to Denver, Colo., where he joined the international-equities team at Marsico Capital.

Before founding Roubaix Capital in 2015, Hillary spent 10 years as an analyst and portfolio manager at Independence Capital Asset Partners, where he focused on all-cap U.S. equities in a long/ short fund. He prefers SMID-cap stocks because he believes they offer superior alpha-generation opportunities.

“Smaller-company stocks are better for fundamental stock-picking, as they are more directly driven by the opportunities and risks to their growth and profitability due to their lack of diversification compared to more diversified large-cap companies,” Hillary explained in an interview with Hedge Fund Alpha.

Introduction to Connor Browne, Robert MacDonald and City Different Investments

Connor Browne and Rob MacDonald are two of the co-founders of City Different Investments. Both serve as portfolio managers, and Browne runs the firm. Before launching City Different in 2021, Browne and MacDonald worked closely on domestic equity strategies at Thornburg Investment Management.

After discovering how well their strategies complement each other and how their philosophies and approaches are aligned, they left Thornburg to start their own firm. Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is known as “the city different,” City Different Investments honors the creative, diverse mountain town that brought Browne and MacDonald together

They started City Different Investments because they believed there was a better way to run an investment management firm.

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Jacob Wolinsky is the founder of HedgeFundAlpha (formerly ValueWalk Premium), a popular value investing and hedge fund focused intelligence service. Prior to founding the company, Jacob worked as an equity analyst focused on small caps. Jacob lives with his wife and five kids in Passaic NJ. - Email: jacob(at)hedgefundalpha.com FD: I do not purchase any equities to avoid conflict of interest and any insider information. I only purchase broad-based ETFs and mutual funds.

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