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This page contains various stock watchlists to try to help investors find undervalued stocks. Some of  theses tools were designed by my good friend Adib of

S&P 500 by 52 week low prices

Portfolio Tracking And Watchlist Stocks/a> (close ended fund details) (a great tool to calculate various returns on your investment. You can put in initial investment, time horizon, expected return, expected inflation, tax rate, and annual investments).

Mutual Fund Expense CalculatorThis calculator can help you analyze the costs associated with buying shares in a mutual fund. By entering a few pieces of information, found in your fund’s prospectus, you can see the impact of fees and operating expenses on your investment.



Dogs of the Dow

Stocks with Highest Piotroski Scores

Graham Number (NCAV) Stock Screen

S&P 500 Map Heatmap (great tools)

Dividend Yield Ranking for the S&P 500 by Company And Industry

S&P 500 by P/E


General watchlist and Portfolio tracker


Watchlists by Greg Speicher

Companies in the Value Line Investment Survey universe which have one of the following characteristics: 1) high return on equity over the past ten years, 2) high growth in book value over the past ten years, or 3) strong sponsorship by top value investors.

Watchlist – Part 1

Watchlist – Part 2

US Exchanges 52 Week Lows

Toronto (TSX) 52 Week Lows

London (LSE) 52 Week Lows

Return on assets (5 yr avg) > 12%; P/E < 10

Magic Formula

Morningstar Screens

Low-Priced Growth Stocks

Bargain Small Caps

List of Retailers

Altman Z-Score Basic EPS Ben Graham Formula Upside
Ben Graham Formula Value Beta Cash & Short-term Investments
Cash / Total Capital Current Ratio Days To Next Earnings
Debt / Equity Debt / Total Capital Dividend Yield
EV / LTM EBITDA EV / LTM Revenue Fair Value (Analyst Target)
Fair Value ( Gross Profit Margin Index Membership
Levered Free Cash Flow Market Capitalization Net Profit
Net Profit Margin P/E Ratio (LTM) PEG Ratio
Piotroski Score Price / Book Proj Revenue CAGR (5y)
Return on Assets Return on Equity Return on Invested Capital
Revenue Sector Stock Price (Current)
Uncertainty ( Fair Value) Upside (Analyst Target) Upside (
Amortization Balance Sheet Bloomberg Beta
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) DCF Analysis (Unlevered) Depreciation
Description Dividend Discount Model (DDM) Equity Waterfall
Equity vs Firm Gordon Growth Income Statement
Index Membership Last Twelve Months (LTM) Market Risk Premium
Name Period End Date Perpetuity
Present Value Risk Free Rate Sector
Sector ID Similar Companies Similar Companies Ids
Stock Exchange Terminal Value Ticker
Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Valuation Multiples Year-over-Year (YoY)


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