Q3 2019 Hedge Fund Letters, Conferences: RobinHood, Sohn, Einhorn, LonePine, Canyon, Dan Loeb, GreenHaven, Maverick, Moore And Much More [Last Updated 12/18 22:12]

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This post was created on 10/1/2019 stay tuned for updates up to several times a day! As always we REALLY really appreciate legal letters and tips on hedge funds from our readers regardless of fund size. How is this different than SecurityAnalysis? We have a lot more (on funds both large and small that few if anyone is covering) and update it much more frequently – some of these funds have superb non consensus small cap ideas which you will not find anywhere else – also we do some good pieces which are not there  NOTE: The list is mostly in category and alphabetical order. While many funds listed below are hedge funds some are mutual funds or other (i.e. Berkshire Hathaway), some letters are public Additionally, we cannot post many letters because of US copyright law and it would likely not fall under fair use . We have been trying to note where it is full and where it is just our story next to the links.   2019 letters Q3 September returns 10/3 Absolute Return Partners 10/3 Alkeon July 8/8 Alluvial July stat sheet  7/19
  • August 9/6
  • September 11/8
  • Q3 letter – Down 2% in Q, but up 12% ytd great discussion of micro cap ideas – the firm likes  P10 holdings,  Meritage Hospitality, Nuvera LICT and other rural telecom providers – link to full discussion here 10/25
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Jacob Wolinsky is the founder of HedgeFundAlpha (formerly ValueWalk Premium), a popular value investing and hedge fund focused intelligence service. Prior to founding the company, Jacob worked as an equity analyst focused on small caps. Jacob lives with his wife and five kids in Passaic NJ. - Email: jacob(at)hedgefundalpha.com FD: I do not purchase any equities to avoid conflict of interest and any insider information. I only purchase broad-based ETFs and mutual funds.