As always we REALLY really appreciate letters and tips on hedge funds from our readers regardless of fund size.  We also are always trying to help bust fraudsters in various areas of finance. Sometimes we do articles on the topic, other times we pass on tips to experienced fraud busters, other times we speak directly to regulators, if we can do anything legally and safely for any serious tips we do so.

If you want to tip us in a manner compliant with the law and are you are concerned about issues of confidentiality, privacy or other legal issues related to sending information, you can review the following ProPublica article on communicating confidentially.  ProPublica recommends that if you are sending information by mail, that you consider sending it without a return address, but we will accept any form of submission and protect your confidentiality to the full extent of the rights provided under the law.

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Snail mail: VALUEWALK Attn: Jacob Wolinsky or a specific author like Mark Melin or Rupert or just ValueWalk 347 Fifth Avenue Suite 1402-390 New York, NY 10016.

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EMAIL  – Anonymous tips by email can be sent to tips(@)

File sharing/encrypted messaging – for super secure-file sharing we like onionshare  and for messaging Signal App. We can be contracted on signal at 845-304-5782.

In person: Available upon request in Chicago, New York, London and many other areas depending upon scope of story (if big enough we will fly to meet you in a small village in Khazakstan)

Prefer other medium? GREAT contact us using protonemail, singal, phone, mail etc to arrange a different secure platform/communication method