Nassim Taleb Minus The Arrogance And Beard – Black Swans [2001 Video]

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This is a gem although interviewer is not that great – Nassim Taleb from 2001 without the arrogance and the beard.

Check it out below H/T ValueInvestingWorld

Nassim Nicholas Talem PhD is an essayist, belletrist, & researcher only interested in one single topic, chance (particularly extreme & rare events, the “Black Swans” i.e. outliers); but it falls at the intersection of philosophy/epistemology (skepticism; knowledge about the dynamics of history; inferential claims), philosophy/ethics (stoicism facing random events; theories of nonhedonic happiness), mathematical sciences (probability theory, statistical physics), social science/finance (opacity & decision making under incomplete information), and cognitive science (the mental biases making us “fooled” by randomness). He mainly derives his intuitions from a 2-decade long and intense practice of derivatives trading (“nondull” activities with plenty of randomness. Academic & Teaching: Starting September 2007, London Business School (visiting 3 months a year while living mostly in NY) : Professor of … Marketing (sic!) & co-director of the Decision Science Laboratory (Black Swans are mainly positive “hits”)

Nassim Nicholas Taleb On Black Swans – Air date: 12-03-01

Nassim Taleb

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