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Welcome to HedgeFundAlpha, a premier hedge fund intelligence information and data site. Please review the following guidelines to ensure that your guest post aligns with our audience and editorial standards.

Topics We Cover

  • Value Investing: Explore the principles of value investing, including fundamental analysis, intrinsic value assessment, and margin of safety.
  • Hedge Fund Strategies: Dive into various hedge fund strategies, such as long-short equity, event-driven investing, and global macro approaches.
  • Market Trends and Analysis: Provide analysis of current market trends, news, and developments in the hedge fund industry.
  • Stock-specific: Provide fundamental analysis of a security. Note we love submissions on small or micro-caps, but anything too illiquid (usually $250 million or less) will not be accepted except by pre-vetted contributors. Same rule applies for short pitches. We only accept short theses from pre-vetted contributors.

Audience and Tone

Our audience consists of sophisticated investors and finance professionals who work in the hedge fund industry and related service providers. Readers range from junior analysts at tiny hedge funds to the CIOs of multi-billion dollar global funds. When crafting your guest post, aim for a professional tone that respects the intelligence of our readership. Avoid oversimplification and strive for depth and clarity in your explanations.

Content Guidelines

  • No Promotional Content: We do not accept promotional articles. Your submission should focus on delivering valuable insights, not promoting specific products or services.
  • Relevance to Value Investing or Hedge Funds: Ensure that your content is directly related to value investing, hedge funds, or relevant topics within the area.
  • Evergreen or News-Oriented Content: Your article can be evergreen, offering timeless insights, or news-oriented, providing analysis of current events or market trends.
  • SEO Optimization: Incorporate the target keyword naturally throughout your article. Aim for a high Flesch score and adhere to readability guidelines for optimal SEO performance. But please do NOT make it sound too awkward. We favor good writing over “Google writing”. It is better to write well and have a bad SEO score than put in keywords solely to get the SEO score up.
  • Unique: We accept syndicated or re-posted content but are far less likely to do so than for unique content.
  • AI content: While you are welcome to use AI to help you think of ideas or outlines for topics, or to help improve your existing article, we do not accept articles written by artificial intelligence.

Submission Process

  • Content Review: Before submitting your guest post, review our website to ensure that your topic aligns with our content focus and audience interests.
  • Formatting: Format your article in a clear, organized manner with headings, subheadings, and bullet points to enhance readability.
  • Word Count: Aim for a word count between 700+ words. We accept submissions above 1500 words but unless it’s an analysis of a security deep dive, we will likely split it up into two articles.
  • Links: Include relevant internal links to existing Hedge Fund Alpha articles where applicable. External reference links should enhance the credibility of your content.
  • Bio and Photo: If you wish to include a contributor profile, provide a brief bio (50-100 words) and a profile picture. Make sure you own the copyright to the profile photo you are submitting; if you are not sure, do not send it.
  • Submission: Send your guest post as a Word document or Google Doc to Our editorial team will review your submission and respond within 72 business hours (but usually much quicker). Note: If it’s totally off-topic, we will likely not respond at all. If it is on-topic and you have not heard back, please try again.
  • Affirmation: By submitting, you affirm that you are the author of the article, and it does not contain anything plagiarized, copyrighted, or anything that violates United States or New Jersey law.
  • You also affirm that the article is in its final form and ready to post; we do not have the time to make edits except for mistakes or actual errors, not preferences.
  • You give us the right to make (minor edits for mistakes or clarity) and use the content how we see fit as long as we provide credit to the original author.
  • You must disclose any conflicts of interest or investments in any companies mentioned.

Contributor Benefits

  • Exposure: Gain exposure within the finance community and showcase your expertise to our audience of investors and professionals.
  • We syndicate certain articles to other sites such as If you do not want an article syndicated (or do) please let us know ahead of time.
  • Backlinks: Contributors may include a link to their website or professional profile within their bio, providing valuable backlink opportunities.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals in the finance industry and build relationships with fellow contributors and readers.

We look forward to receiving your guest post submissions and collaborating with you to deliver valuable insights to our audience. Thank you for your consideration.


Jacob Wolinsky, CEO, Hedge Fund Alpha (formerly ValueWalk Premium)

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