Global Assets In ETFs / ETPs Reached A New Record High Of $2.926T – ETFGI

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According to ETFGI, assets in ETFs / ETPs globally reached a new record high of 2.926 trillion US dollars at the end of Q1 2015.

Global Assets In ETFs / ETPs Reached A New Record High

LONDON — April 9, 2015 — record levels of assets were reached at the end of Q1 for ETFs / ETPs listed globally at US$2.926 trillion, in the United States at US$2.094 trillion, Asia Pacific ex-Japan at US$119.6 billion and Japan at US$109.3 billion, according to ETFGI’s preliminary monthly ETF and ETP global insight report for Q1.

The global ETF/ETP industry had 5,669 ETFs / ETPs, with 10,961 listings, from 247 providers listed on 63 exchanges in 51 countries.

Record levels of net new assets (NNA) have been reached in Q1 by ETFs / ETPs listed globally, gathering US$95.99 billion – a significant increase on the US$37.20 billion in Q1 2014. Products listed in the United States gathered US$57.53 billion which is considerably higher than the US$15.06 billion gathered in Q1 2014, while ETFs / ETPs listed in Europe gathered US$34.97 billion, which is more than double the US$11.17 billion gathered in Q1 2014. ETFs / ETPs listed in Japan gathered NNA of US$10.61 billion, which is greater than the US$7.7 billion in Q1 2014.

With the ECB beginning QE investors have allocated the majority of net new assets to European equities. Developed markets were up 4% and emerging markets were up 2% Q1 while in the US had a turbulent first quarter with the S&P 500 ending Q1 up 1%” according to Deborah Fuhr, managing partner of ETFGI.

YTD through end of Q1 2015, ETFs / ETPs have seen net inflows of US$95.99 Bn. Equity ETFs / ETPs gathered the largest net inflows YTD with US$49.34 Bn, followed by fixed income ETFs / ETPs with US$31.44 Bn, and commodity ETFs / ETPs with US$6.73 Bn.

iShares gathered the largest net ETF/ETP inflows YTD with US$38.80 Bn, followed by Vanguard with US$23.38 Bn, WisdomTree with US$13.28 Bn and DB/x-trackers with US$11.45 Bn in net inflows.

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Note to editors

ETFs are typically open-ended, index-based funds, with active ETFs accounting for less than 1% market share. They can be bought and sold like ordinary shares on a stock exchange and offer broad exposure across developed, emerging and frontier markets, equities, fixed income and commodities. ETFs are used widely by institutional investors and increasingly by financial advisors and retail investors to:

  • equitize cash
  • implement diversified exposure to a market
  • comprise a core or satellite investment
  • be a long term strategic investment
  • implement tactical adjustments to portfolios
  • use as building blocks to create entire portfolios
  • allow investors to hedge the market
  • use as an alternative to futures and other derivative products

Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are products that have similarities to ETFs in the way they trade and settle but do not use an open-end fund structure. The use of other structures including unsecured debt, grantor trusts, partnerships, and commodity pools by ETPs can, in addition to a significantly different risk profile, create different tax and regulatory implications for investors when compared to ETFs, which are funds.


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Global Assets In ETFs / ETPs Reached A New Record High Of $2.926T - ETFGI

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