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European Equity Market Structure Survey: Letter From Joseph Cangemi by ConvergEx Group

European Equity Market Structure is a hot topic at the moment with the conversation being fueled by best-selling books and the European Parliament’s recent approval of MiFID II. As a London-based broker serving institutional investors and financial intermediaries throughout Europe, we believe we are in a unique position to capture the sentiment of the industry on some of the key issues in the debate which include high frequency trading (HFT), regulatory oversight and market stability.

At this time we are pleased to share the results of our recent European Equity Market Structure Survey. The results of which show concerns over HFT and market fairness but a reluctance by the buy-side and sell-side to make any changes to how they interact with the markets. With only about one-third of respondents believing that current regulation is appropriate for today’s market structure, we speculate that many market participants may be taking a “wait and see” approach to how MiFID II will play out.

At ConvergEx we have always taken a proactive approach to providing our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully navigate the evolving markets and achieve their trading objectives.

In your offices and on your trading floors you will undoubtedly spend considerable time over the next several weeks and months contemplating what all these issues mean for your business and your clients. We hope that the results of this survey help move that conversation forward and together we can find the right solutions for you.

Joseph Cangemi

Chief Executive Officer, ConvergEx Limited

European Equity Market Structure

European Equity Market Structure

European Equity Market Structure

See full PDF below.

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