David Einhorn Ira Sohn Conference: Favorite Ideas [LIVE]

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David Einhorn will be speaking now at the 18th Ira Sohn Conference taking place in New York. Last year, David Einhorn took us around the globe and did not focus for more than a few moments on any specific topic/investment. Katya Watchel of Reuters commented that ‘Einhorn stock picks at conference fail to wow. However, there is always this year. Will Einhorn attack Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (NASDAQ:GMCR) again? Disclose a short in a huge Canadian retailer? Discuss his views on gold or Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). We will find out shortly…

David Einhorn Ira Sohn Conference: Favorite Ideas [LIVE]

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David Einhorn Ira Sohn Conference Live

18:35 PM EST: David Einhorn is up next

18:35 PM EST: Einhorn’s idea is Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS).

18:36 PM EST: Jana Capital disclosed a 9% stake in Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS) last week.

18:28 PM EST: Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS) provides specialty equipment to oil producers world wide.

18:39 PM EST: We’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see the effect of the Einhorn presentation on Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS)

18:40 PM EST: Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS) trades at 6.9X EBDITA, and a market leading position in tubular services.

18:42 PM EST: Offshore business looks really attractive for Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS). the segment represents 17% of EBDITA.

18:46 PM EST: Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS) has room to grow, in accommodation and in many related businesses.

18:47 PM EST:Einhorn says that  Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS). should be trading at 8.6 Ebdita, not 6.9

18:49 PM EST: Einhorn wants Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS). to convert its accommodation business into a REIT.

18:51 PM EST: With REIT conversion Einhorn says Oil States International Inc. (NYSE:OIS). could be worth $155 per share. It closed to day at around $95.

18:53 PM EST: Einhorn says he never talks about ideas to gain on short term price changes related to his influence.

18:55 PM EST: Einhorn is reiterating what’s become an adage for him. It doesn’t make sense to blindly follow me, do you own work. He’s right.

18:56 PM EST: The median time between an Einhorn speech and a trade is 112 days says Einhorn.




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