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A Conversation with Pamela Slim via Behavior Gap

Besides being a business coach and speaker, she’s an amazing author of two books, Escape from Cubicle Nation and her most recent work, Body of Work.

After reading Body of Work I knew I wanted to talk to Pam about how her work could help advisors.

Body of Work

Body of Work: Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together by Pamela Slim

These days it’s increasingly rare to have a stable career in any field. More and more of us are blending big company jobs, startup gigs, freelance work, and volunteer side projects. We take chances to expand our knowledge, capabilities, and experience. But how do we make sense of that kind of career—and explain it?

Pamela Slim, the acclaimed author of Escape from Cubicle Nation, gives us the tools to have meaningful careers in this new world of work. She shows how to find the connections among diverse accomplishments, sell your story, and continually reinvent and relaunch your brand.

In this episode of Behavior Gap Radio you’ll learn:

  • How to counter fear
  • The importance of sharing your story

You can listen to the conversation with Pamela Slim below:


Escape From Cubicle Nation

Escape From Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur by Pamela Slim

Pamela Slim, a former corporate training manager, left her office job twelve years ago to go solo and has enjoyed every bit of it.

In her groundbreaking book, based on her popular blog Escape from Cubicle Nation, Slim explores both the emotional issues of leaving the corporate world and the nuts and bolts of launching a business. Drawing on her own career, as well as stories from her coaching clients and blog readers, Slim will help readers weigh their options, and make a successful escape if they decide to go for it.

Pamela Slim

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