Guy Spier Favorite Books

Guy Spier might not be well known, but he is no doubt a great value investor. He did his MBA at the Harvard Business School (class of 1993) and has a First Class degree in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) from Oxford University, where he studied at Brasenose College. Upon graduating, he was co-awarded the George Webb Medley prize for the best performance in that year in Economics.

Since Guy opened his value fund in September 2007, his fund has returned 186% net of fees. The fund called Aquarium Capital, is an investment partnership inspired by the original 1950’s Buffett partnerships with market beating returns. He has absolutely crushed the indexes like the S&P 500 which has returned 20%, and the FT 100 which returned 7%.


I was lucky enough to be introduced to Guy by my colleague and friend Tim Du Tiot who is a fund manager in Europe and runs a great European value blog Guy was very nice to take time out of his busy schedule to correspond with me.

Guy stated “Read some of the following books. They and their titles may sound strange, but I have learned a tremendous amount from each of them.” The truth is I have only read Carnegie’s book, but the books seem to be not typical value books. However, with Guy’s personal recommendation I hope to get to the others eventually.

Based on GoodReads he gives the following five stars

Guy stated did you know that Warren Buffett did the Dale Carnegie course when he was young, and credits it with much that he learned about business in his early years?

Guy Spier wrote  The Education of a Value Investor: My Transformative Quest for Wealth, Wisdom and Enlightenment we assume he would recommend it!

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