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Warren Buffett on Investing, Regrets and India

Published on Jul 3, 2016
In this interview Warren Buffett and Ajit Jain discuss investing strategies for beginners, why Warren hasn’t invested in India and much more. This interview was a MBA Q&A in which students from IIT, IIM and Delhi’s St. Stephen’s College questioned Buffett.

Interview Date: April 11, 2011.
Location: New Delhi, NDTV studios

0:01 Introduction
0:34 Start of Interview
1:35 Impressions of India
3:44 Start of questions
3:47 How could the Indian markets become more developed?
5:51 Identifying competitive moats?
12:21 Which habits to have and which ones to let go?
16:57 Greatest regret?
19:40 Views on Private Equity investments?
24:28 How to reduce the gap between India and USA?
25:29 What makes you a great investor?
33:42 Why don’t you invest in I.T companies?
37:19 Why didn’t you invest in India?
40:50 Why is Ajit so valuable to you?
43:56 How have your values and wealth affected your children?
50:16 Your philosophy to wealth creation?
54:28 Strategy for beginner investors?
55:50 Do you recommend investing in a volatile market?
57:00 What goes through your mind as you make a investment?
59:09 How is the Warren Buffett different today from Warren Buffett 25 years ago?
1:00:32 What would you like on your tombstone?

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Warren Buffett on Investing, Regrets and India

0:08for the first time in india and expensively and NDTV studios
0:16the man who was better than any other and making money out giving it away
0:23business school students please welcome
0:28Warren Buffett
0:33well there are times in your life when you are really happy to get to work at
0:39tap dance to work like the gentleman i have here and I'm is one of those
0:43moments when i'm really thrilled to be a journalist because with me a whole lot
0:49of students and the one and only
0:52Warren Buffett
0:58and i must say that i am equally very very thrilled to have one of those
1:04modest humble and good human beings that I've met a GJ
1:10we're gonna all get your questions ready and please be impressive right
1:22short sharp questions and be tough
1:25this is your one chance everybody knows anything go


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