Trident Fund LP April 2024 Performance Update

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Trident Fund LP performance update for the month of April ended April 30, 2024. Q3 2023 hedge fund letters, conferences and more The Trident Fund LP GM, GME, and GME4 share classes returned +0.1, +0.1, and -0.3 percent, respectively, in April, and the fund is +4.8, +7.1, and +18.0 percent net for 2024. Please click here for the GM, GME, and GME4 tearsheets. Once again, the Trident flagship GME program earned +0.1 percent in April by preserving capital when stocks and bonds suffered losses. The move towards higher interest rates led to the performance, which earned the portfolio +2.5 percent for the month. Trident’s Fed sentiment…

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