This Hedge Fund Is Making Significant Headway at Several Companies [Exclusive]

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Michelle deBoer-Jones
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For 2023, 325 Capital returned 27.3% net and 31.3% gross, versus the Russell 2000’s 15.1% return. For the fourth quarter, the fund gained 15.1% net and 16.1% gross, compared to the Russell’s 13.6% return. Since its inception through the end of 2023, 325 Capital has gained 8.6% net and 15.8% gross, versus the Russell 2000’s 2.6% gain over the same three-year period. The predecessor fund to 325 Capital was Sagard Capital, founded in 2005, and the newer fund utilizes the same strategy as Sagard. The 325 Capital team has found that this strategy continues to generate alpha. Overview of 325…

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