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The 10 Best Ways to Immediately Save Money

The 10 Best Ways to Immediately Save Money


Many websites will give you tips on how to save money for the future. Some of these solutions range from ridiculous ones like “pick up spare money off the ground and keep it in a change jar,” to more long-term solutions like having a part of your paycheck directly deposited into an investment account. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to help put extra money in your pocket right now, and here are 10 of those options.


Try to buy only items that are on sale. Manager’s specials are items that are set to expire and have been vastly discounted, but they’re still perfectly good to cook and eat!

Use Coupons

Many people think that coupons are beneath them, but since when is saving money beneath someone? If your local grocery store matches competitor coupons, start clipping and saving coupons from the weekly circulars! Several websites offer great coupons too.

Don’t Eat Out as Much

Many people complain about how much their cigarette habit costs them, but you don’t hear many people complain about how much their latte habit cuts into their bank account. The truth is, if you buy a four-dollar coffee every workday during every week of the year, you’re spending about a thousand dollars a year on your coffee habit. Making your own gourmet coffee at home will cost you a fraction of what you’re spending already. Likewise, making a switch from bottled water to tap water can help save you a bunch of money over the course of a year.

Bundle Your Media Services or Even Cut Them

If you use phone, TV and Internet services that are from the same provider, check and see if they offer a bundle deal if you’re not bundling already. And if you’re willing to change your TV viewing habits, services like Netflix or Hulu are far cheaper than cable.

Raise Your Insurance Deductible

This is probably the easiest tip to follow. By raising your insurance deductible, you can save hundreds of dollars on your insurance premiums each pay period. However, by raising your deductible, you will become responsible for a larger portion of out-of-pocket expenses, so be sure you have the necessary cash in case of an accident or an emergency.

Keep Your Insurance Up to Date

Depending on which insurance company provides your policy, being married, having children or seeing your children become adults can cause your car insurance rates to drop. Insurance companies aren’t psychic, so be sure to let them know if anything big has happened in your life recently. You might be surprised at what discounts are out there! You can also compare auto insurance quotes online to see if there are cheaper rates.


Sell Off Things You Don’t Need

Many of our homes are filled with useless stuff that we are simply too lazy to get rid of. Online auction and classified sites, like eBay and Craigslist, respectively, are great places to unload household clutter and make a few bucks in the process.

Stop Bad Habits!

This will perhaps be one of the least popular tips, but it can save you a bundle of money. If you have a habit that is generally considered to be bad, like smoking, drinking or gambling, curtailing or quitting that habit can go a long way towards keeping money in your bank account.

Get Rid of Your Vehicle

Vehicles are terribly convenient, but they’re also terribly expensive to own at times. Selling your vehicle and buying a bus or a transit pass will probably be a last resort, but you won’t be spending money on gas, maintenance, renewal fees and all of the other costs that add up.

Maintain a Budget

Knowing where your money is going can help you manage it better. By creating and maintaining a budget, you can identify areas and things on which you spend too much money so that you can adjust your spending habits accordingly.



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