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Dear Investor,

The Hedge Fund Alpha Investing philosophy is simple: Find and buy quiet, undervalued low-cap opportunities…and then sell them to Wall Street when everyone wants them at a premium price.

The question is, how do you predictibly find these opportunities?

By getting the managers of top Hedge Funds to tell you.

“Hedge Fund Alpha is a must-have for anyone interested in the hedge fund and value investing world.”
Sahm Adrangi, Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC and among the best short-sellers today

And that’s what Hedge Fund Alpha is, a place where you can get information from some of the world’s top Fund Managers, and what they’re investing in right now so that you too can take advantage and start seeing amazing gains in your portfolio.

Over the years Hedge Fund Alpha members have gotten access to:

  • Gabriel Grego, who recommended shorting Akazoo, which yielded a 45% return in just a few days
    David Neuhauser, founder of Livermore Partners, who recommended AEX Gold at $6.57, which shot up to $22 after 11 months.
  • The portfolio managers at Left Brain Capital shared The Trade Desk (NSQ: TTD) which at the time was trading at just $9.20. Today it’s trading at $75.80 – an 8X return!
Jacob Wolinsky, Founder of Hedge Fund Alpha

Hedge Fund Alpha is run by Jacob Wolisky, a veteran analyst who has been helping investors get access to the latest information they need to manage their portfolios and maximize their returns since 2012.

He’s developed a winning strategy for identifying small-cap companies to invest in.

How did he do this? By looking at (and developing relationships with) some of the top, under-the-radar hedge funds in the world, to see where they were allocating their capital.

You won’t get this information from some of the “top” mainstream analysts. They would overlook most of these companies, deeming them to be too small to focus on.

This is where the fortunes are made.

This is actually the strategy taken by one of the greatest investors of all time, Warren Buffet, who famously said:

“If I had $10,000 to invest, I would focus on smaller companies because there would be a greater chance that something was overlooked in that arena. The highest rates of Return I’ve ever achieved were in the 1950s. I killed the Dow. You ought to see the numbers. But I was investing peanuts then. It’s a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that. But you can’t compound $100 million or $1 billion at anything remotely like that rate.”

There are 10,000 other public companies just in the U.S. which barely get any press.

Additionally, there are about 10,000 hedge fund managers in the U.S., the vast majority managing below $1 billion. Some of these fund managers have fewer assets under management and are not looking to earn fat 2/20 fees, but instead invest in some real gems.

I am talking about cases like net-nets where sometimes the company is trading for less than the cash on its balance sheet. That is rare (although it happened during the 2009 crash), but those are the types of gems and opportunities we’re talking about.

Now not all those managers are good, many are not, and there is a reason some have fewer assets, while some haven’t been found yet or just aren’t good at advertising.

Some don’t want to get too big and want to stay limited to a certain AUM threshold so they can stay nimble.

We track some of the best of them. While no one alive is likely as good as Buffett, being able to earn consistant 50% returns, these managers are producing 21% – 40% returns annually by investing in incredible under-the-radar, small companies

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Hedge Fund Alpha Overview

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In Hedge Fund Alpha, you will learn how to make a lot of money from safe, under-the-radar investments that have been overlooked by Wall Street.

Every day you’ll get new content that will guide you to:

  • Generate low-risk/high returns from your investments…
  • Maximize your upside potential by cutting your losers short and letting your winners ride…
  • Pinpoint the best little-known opportunities that you would never hear about from your broker, including many sleeping giant stocks that are ready to take off

Jacob Wolinsky is uniquely qualified to guide you on this journey.

He’s built relationships with some of the best in the world. Hedge Fund Alpha is read on a daily basis by senior-level executives at the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers and Fortune 500 companies…all of which use the information to guide their investing and management decisions.

Jacob founded Hedge Fund Alpha in 2012 which exploded in readership of people starving for alternative information that they could use to consistently make real gains in their portfolios

In short, Jacob’s experiences have enabled him to become a “wealth expert.”

These are some of the recommendations readers have received on Hedge Fund Alpha. Many have significant gains, including multiple that grew 100%, and 2 that grew 200%!

Jacob’s mission is to make these opportunities accessible to all investors because most will simply never hear about them on their own.

A great example is Breach Inlet Capital, a hedge fund profiled in March 2019.

The Dallas-based hedge fund run by Chris Colvin keeps a low profile and focuses on companies below $3 billion, which the crowded money tends to avoid.

Chris recommended a small company named IES Holdings (Ticker IESC).

IES Holdings is a ~$400 million market cap company that does not host earnings calls and has zero analyst coverage. These types of “under-the-radar” investments are appealing due to a higher probability of mispricing. Also, this business certainly meets our investing criteria with:

1) an incremental return on invested capital of 30%+ over the past six years
2) a phenomenal capital allocator with ~60% ownership leading the Board
3) a favorable valuation at only ~10x estimated 2019 cash EPS
4) an accretive acquisition plan to create upside for shareholders.

On paper, the stock looked expensive with a forward PE of 208! Chris noted due to “ GAAP earnings, which are distorted by amortization from acquisitions and phantom taxes”, but if you dug deep, it was cheap, very cheap.

You cannot screen for those companies; you need to search (and search incredibly hard) to find them. Or you can locate an incredible fund manager who you know and trust, who has done most of the initial work for you.

Our readers got the recommendation right after Chris finished his interview with us.
The results speak for themselves. Green is IESC, and the blue line is the S&P 500.

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How to Get Started?

The information you’ll get in Hedge Fund Alpha has historically grown portfolios from 21% – 40% every year.

What would that be worth to you?
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Well, don’t worry, you won’t pay a fraction of that.

Hedge Fund Alpha costs just $1,800 per year. But here’s a HUGE catch.

For a limited time, we’re offering a great discount, and you can get Hedge Fund Alpha for just $49 per month.

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That amounts to only $1.09 per day – an incredible discount off 77%!

Furthermore, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied within 30 days of subscribing to Hedge Fund Alpha, we’ll give you your money back.

And you can get started right now with a 7-day free trial. Your card won’t get charged to join Hedge Fund Alpha.

If you enjoy the content – or even better, make a smart move with your portfolio using the information you’ll get, you can stick around and make Hedge Fund Alpha a major part of your investment strategy (just like many executives at the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers and Fortune 500 companies).

And if it doesn’t work for you, just cancel before the end of 7 days and your card won’t be charged.

Inside you’ll get:

  • Updates on the small-cap opportunities the world’s top hedge fund managers are looking at for their funds
  • Exclusive shareholder letters from these funds
  • In-depth guides on value investing and how to ensure success long term

We hope you see that $399/yr or $49/mo as an absolute bargain.

We think that’s an absurd deal for what you get. And the best part is, we’re not asking you to commit to anything. We’d like you to take the next 7 days to decide whether or not you want to keep your Hedge Fund Alpha subscription.

That should give you plenty of time to see our work firsthand. If you decide Hedge Fund Alpha isn’t right for you, just cancel inside the online portal. We’ll send you a full refund. We want you to be happy. That’s the only way we do business.

Choose your plan below and get started with your free 7-day trial.

“A wonderful source for individual stock ideas and for learning the latest news/trends in the Investment community.”

Jay Petschek, Founder and Managing Member, Corsair Capital Management, L.P., $1 billion-plus long/short hedge fund

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