PTAM Launches Active Short Term Bond ETF (STBF)

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CHICAGO, IL, April 9th, 2024 — PT Asset Management, LLC (PTAM), a boutique fixed income asset manager with $7.7 billion in assets under management, proudly debuts its inaugural exchange traded fund (ETF), the Performance Trust Short Term Bond ETF (NYSEAMERICAN:STBF), which began trading on the CBOE today. With over fifteen years of experience managing fixed income strategies, PTAM is confidently entering the ETF arena, aiming to offer investors a diversified, actively managed short-term bond strategy tailored to thrive in diverse market conditions.

Leveraging their proprietary investment process, Shape Management, PTAM has garnered a reputation for challenging conventional bond metrics and not relying on macroeconomic predictions. Shape Management is a disciplined and repeatable mathematical approach aimed at analyzing the risk-return profile of a bond’s future cash flows. With this proprietary methodology, PTAM endeavors to provide investors with an innovative fixed income solution designed to provide excess return regardless of interest rate movements.

“The launch of STBF marks a significant milestone for PTAM, showcasing our commitment to pioneering advancements in fixed income investing,” said Sean Dranfield, CEO & Principal of PTAM. “We’re thrilled to offer access to our proprietary methodology, Shape Management, now available in an investor preferred, tax-efficient ETF wrapper.”

The underlying portfolio of STBF is meticulously curated to potentially deliver strong returns across varying market environments while maintaining predominantly high credit quality. “Typical short-term bond funds leave much to be desired. Our new ETF addresses this through its diversified portfolio that spans the full spectrum of fixed income sectors, including CLOs, Auto ABS, Municipals, and CMBS,” said Taylor Huffman, CFA, Client Portfolio Manager at PTAM.

STBF sets itself apart through its math-based approach to portfolio construction combined with active management. PTAM is staffed with seasoned experts that have navigated previous credit cycles and are able to capitalize on pricing and structural inefficiencies. “Given the current shape of the yield curve and investor concerns around future interest rate volatility and uncertainty, we believe STBF is a compelling tool for enhancing existing portfolios,” added Huffman.

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About PTAM
We are a Chicago-based, boutique fixed-income asset manager that applies a unique interest-rate agnostic approach that seeks to deliver superior long-term results in various market environments. As of March 31, 2024, PTAM had $7.7 billion in assets across multiple products, including mutual funds and separately managed accounts for institutional investors.