D.E. Shaw, Fortress, Centerbridge And Others On Banks Stepping Out, Private Credit Stepping In – Milken 2024 Conference

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The private credit market has risen more than 50% in just three years. A $875 billion market in 2020 is at $1.4 trillion in 2023. The prediction is that this rise will continue and reach $2.3 trillion in 2027.

Mega funds were the major contributors to this boom, but traditional lenders and smaller institutions also contributed to the overall market trends. Lenders have a steady supply of capital, while on the demand side, corporations are in dire need of an influx of fresh funds.

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The main questions tackled at this panel were how the investors are finding the right deals, what roles the banks can take on them, and how long this golden age of private credit is going to last. This is only one of the panels from the Milken Conference held on May 6 in Los Angeles that Hedge Fund Alpha Covered.


  • Jeffrey Aronson (President and Incoming CEO, Centerbridge Partners)
  • Marianna Fassinotti (Head Of The Private Credit, The D.E. Shaw Group)
  • Gregory Geiling (Co-COO and Managing Director, Bayview Asset Management)
  • Peter Gleysteen (CEO and CIO, AGL Credit Management)
  • Drew McKnight (Co-CEO, Fortress; Managing Partner and Co-CIO, Fortress Credit Funds)

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