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Jacob Wolinsky, Founder of ValueWalk

ValueWalk’s daily investor emails are a great way to keep up with the latest news that impact the markets.

But we also have a community in Hedge Fund Alpha where you can get the latest strategies and small-cap recommendations from our exclusive network of hedge fund managers. In this group, they share the same strategies and recommendations that they’re using in their own funds.

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  • In-depth guides on value investing and how to ensure above-average returns and success long term

“Hedge Fund Alpha is a must-have for anyone interested in the hedge fund and value investing world.”

 Sahm Adrangi, Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC and among the best short-sellers today

The information in Hedge Fund Alpha is read on a daily basis by senior-level executives at the largest banks, hedge funds, asset managers and Fortune 500 companies.

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Over the years Hedge Fund Alpha members have gotten access to:

  • Gabriel Grego, who recommended shorting Akazoo, which yielded a 45% return in just a few days
  • David Neuhauser, founder of Livermore Partners, who recommended AEX Gold at $6.57, which shot up to $22 after 11 months.
  • The portfolio managers at Left Brain Capital shared The Trade Desk (NSQ: TTD) which at the time was trading at just $9.20. Today it’s trading at $75.80 – an 8X return!

The information you’ll get in Hedge Fund Alpha has historically grown portfolios from 21.46% – 47.5% every year.

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