In Donating To Bernie Sanders, Was Martin Shkreli Mocking The System?

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Mark Melin
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There is beating the system, disadvantaging the vast majority of plebes, and then there is disadvantaging the middle and upper middle class – and doing so with a very public flare. At times this can be seen in the glee when certain elites, some who have taken a criminal turn, others just on the edge of criminality, express a sophisticated joy at thumbing their nose at those who they disadvantaged, apparently reveling in their apparent victory and untouchable status by rubbing everyone’s nose in the excrement that they left behind. Did bad boy Martin Shkreli make donation to Sanders camp…

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HFA Padded

Mark Melin is an alternative investment practitioner whose specialty is recognizing the impact of beta market environment on a technical trading strategy. A portfolio and industry consultant, wrote or edited three books including High Performance Managed Futures (Wiley 2010) and The Chicago Board of Trade’s Handbook of Futures and Options (McGraw-Hill 2008) and taught a course at Northwestern University's executive education program.