London Value Investor Conference 2024: Joel Greenblatt, Alex Roepers and Much More

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London Value Investor Conference 2024

The 11th annual London Value Investor Conference will take place on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, in Westminster. If you want to attend then you need to register now.

We have a fantastic line-up this year including Joel Greenblatt, Peter Davies, Gary Channon, Sarah Ketterer, Alex Roepers, Ian Lance and twelve other managers – which includes 10 speakers who have never been on stage at the LVIC before.

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The managers will give valuable insights on the strategies and methods that have led to their success, as well as commentary on the current investment climate and there will be more than 15 investment ideas presented in detail at the LVIC this year.

This year the conference will also hold its first Panel Session since 2012 – which was the inaugural LVIC – it will be on the subject of UK Equities, the session will be hosted by Simon Brewer.

The full line-up with presentation titles is below along with the LVIC 2024 Preview Video.

London Value Investor Conference 2024 Agenda

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