Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Say This Is The One Thing You Need To Be Successful

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A few days ago, I told you about the coming crisis legendary investor Jim Rogers sees coming.

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Jim Rogers

Jim is the man behind the Quantum Fund – one of the most successful hedge funds of all time. He’s an investing legend, best-selling author and Guinness World Record holder. So when he speaks, smart investors listen.

I recently sat down with Jim for our Asia Wealth Virtual Summit to talk about his views on the best investment opportunities in Asia (and the world)… and what he’s doing with his money today. (If you weren’t able to attend our Summit live, click here to learn about getting exclusive replay access… which includes complete footage of my 45-minute conversation with Jim. But hurry, we’re closing this offer on Tuesday morning.)

What follows below is another short except from our discussion…

How to be successful

Kim:When you launched the Quantum Fund [when you were about 27 or 28], obviously the world was completely different and a lot of the technology we take for granted when we’re buying or researching assets didn’t exist.

If you were just starting out in today’s world, would you start a hedge fund or say, “This is such a different world, I’m not going to do that sort of thing”?

Jim: Whatever one does, should be what they love. If I said to you, “Starting a hedge fund is the most wonderful thing in the world,” and you hated money and numbers and didn’t like all that, didn’t like research, you’d fail.

The only people who are very successful are the ones who do what they love and they’re happy. And one of the reasons they do well is because they’re happy. It’s not work for them. They’re having fun. And even if they don’t succeed, they don’t care. They’re happy. So it doesn’t really matter. But the only way you’re going to be successful is to do what you love.

Now, I will tell you that if I were 22 years old, I’d go straight to Korea. But if you don’t want to live in Korea and you don’t like Korean food and chopsticks and all of that, don’t do it. For God’s sake, don’t do it because you’re not going to succeed. You’re not going to do well no matter what you do there. Unless you go there and do something you really love a lot.

Seoul, South Korea

Colombia, very exciting. Venezuela is even more exciting right now. If you don’t like speaking Spanish and you don’t like beautiful women, then don’t go to Venezuela, for God’s sake, or Colombia. The only answer to your question, Kim, is to do what you love.

How to do what makes you happy – in real life

Kim:Saying “Do what makes you happy” sounds great, but in practice if I’m 24 years old, I’m just out of college or maybe I’m 18, I’m thinking about, “Do I want to go to college?” So how do you jump in? Do you just go off and do something and see if it fits? What would you say to your daughters?

Jim: Well, that’s what I did.

I loved Wall Street and the investing world in those days.

You could become a farmer, you could go to Korea. I’ve told you some things you can do but with finance, except in China, if you want to go into finance, you should go to China. Everywhere else is going to be a disaster.

It’s going to be the most important economy in the world. It already is one of. If you want to go into finance, go to China. Don’t go to the city of London. Don’t go to Wall Street. Don’t go to those places because it’s going to be bad. But if you want to go into finance, go to China.

Tell me what you love and I’ll tell you where to start. You love sports, go to New York and work for the Yankees as an usher. And if you really love it, you will come to the attention of somebody and you won’t always be an usher at Yankee Stadium, I assure you. You will work your way up because they know the ones that are good. No matter what the company, no matter what the industry, people find the ones that are really good. Go to work as the receptionist. You won’t stay as the receptionist long if you’re really good at it and you have passion and knowledge and work hard.

Doesn’t matter where you start. If you’re really good at it, I promise you, they will find you because most people are not really good at their work and they’re not passionate about their work and so the ones that are don’t stay as a receptionist forever, they don’t stay an usher forever.

So don’t mind starting at the bottom, don’t worry about the money. If you’re at the right place, you’ll find the money. The money will find you, is a better way to look at it, if you’re at the right place. So don’t worry about that if you’re 24. If you’re 34, it doesn’t matter. Figure out what you love and do it. They will find you.

Kim Iskyan

Publisher, Stansberry Pacific Research

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