Is Dividend Investing Over?

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What would cause a revival for dividend stocks?

In our view, high-yield dividend stocks can return to their historic outperformance once the trend towards high market concentration reverses and returns begin to broaden. Much of the recent mega-cap dominance has been driven by price/earnings multiple expansion. Profits in the 2030s and 2040s will be what they will be—at some point stock prices must fully reflect long-term profit prospects.

In the meantime, we expect high-yield dividend stocks to continue generating a high, growing income and solid investment returns.

This quarter we discuss a variety of topics and their implications, including:

  • Long Holdings Periods Have Favored High-Yield Dividend Stocks
  • A Decade of Low Interest Rates
  • What Can We Learn from 1999’s Winners?
  • Record Low Dividend Yields for 10 Largest S&P 500 Index Stocks

We expect high-yield dividend stocks to continue generating solid investment returns, and we will continue following our investment philosophy—getting paid to own stocks with high and growing dividends.

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