Commodity Hedge Funds Strike Back: HSBC Weekly

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The 6th Hedge Weekly incorporating Investment Funds Performance Review by the HSBC Alternative Investment Group for the week ended February 07, 2014, presents a wealth of data on how funds performed in 2014 to date, duly analyzed by strategy. Average returns by strategy as per the report are shown below in descending order of performance in the table below: Fund Type Fund Category 2014 YTD Returns % Commodity Managed Futures 11.79 Equity-Pharma-Biotech Equity Long/Short 4.84 Equity-Healthcare Equity Long/Short 3.63 Commodity-Systematic Macro 2.27 Equity-Technology Equity Long/Short 1.98 Convertible Arbitrage Convertible Arbitrage 1.76 Commodity Macro 1.72 Discretionary Market Neutral 1.60 Equity Diversified…

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