Greek Crisis That Was "Solved" Earlier Is Now An Issue Again

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Mark Melin
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When the Greek government announced its “agreement” with the European “Troika” this summer, in some quarters it was viewed more as a stop-gap measure, delaying the ultimate day of reckoning. That day may be approaching sooner rather than later. Greek PM Tsipras on thin ice as the most unpopular austerity measures approach As his shaky coalition is losing members, the Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras is becoming more subject to pressure from individual MPs in the legislative branch as well as growing opposition to the even tougher austerity programs that will soon follow.  “The government’s dwindling majority makes Tsipras susceptible…

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Mark Melin is an alternative investment practitioner whose specialty is recognizing the impact of beta market environment on a technical trading strategy. A portfolio and industry consultant, wrote or edited three books including High Performance Managed Futures (Wiley 2010) and The Chicago Board of Trade’s Handbook of Futures and Options (McGraw-Hill 2008) and taught a course at Northwestern University's executive education program.

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