It's Jobs Week: If the Fed Has a Say, Shortly We'll See the End of Over 200K Job Growth

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Harrison Roger
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It’s jobs week.  Perhaps the most important jobs report in a while is due out in a couple of days.  The report will likely form the basis for Fed tightening in September or October. Job Growth over the Past Couple of Years Here’s a look at what month-over-month job growth has looked like over the past couple of years. Overall, month-over-month job growth has been relatively solid.  Since March 2014, with the exception of 2 months, job growth has consistently stayed above 200K each month. The year-and-a-half-long above-200K jobs picture poses the question – When the Fed gets around to…

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HFA Padded

Roger is an economic adviser and active angel investor. He owns various economics firms. His work allows him a diverse group of clients across the globe, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. He holds a Ph.D. in business economics.