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NY Grocery Chain Fairway on Brink of Default

NY Grocery Chain Fairway on Brink of Default

“As with many segments of retail today, especially those in shopping malls and some strip centers, specialty retailers are finding that consumers are not meeting expectations of these retailers with respect to interest and demand, and the retail environment in the United States is undergoing a change in both perception and reality.” – Chuck Tatelbaum

Fairway Group Holdings Corp., the New York gourmet grocery chain that once had ambitions of a nationwide expansion, is approaching default after years of red ink, Bloomberg News reported on Friday. After gorging on debt to finance its growth plans, the company is now at risk of breaching its credit covenants when its fiscal quarter ends on April 3, according to report by Moody’s Investors Service. And even if Fairway gets a reprieve from its obligations, its capital structure remains unsustainable, Moody’s wrote.

Bloomberg stated:

With money-losing stores and mounting competition, the grocer has received two warnings about being delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market for failing to maintain a minimum market capitalization of $15 million for three consecutive business days. Earlier this month, the company revealed in a filing that its auditor questioned whether it can continue as a going concern.

Moody’s downgraded Fairway’s $267 million senior secured term loan and its revolving credit facility one notch to Caa2, eight levels below investment grade. The term loan was quoted at a new low of 79.5 cents on the dollar on Tuesday, down from a high of 90.6 cents on Dec. 8, according to data compiled by Bloomberg

To bring its operations in line, analysts are advising the company to halt its plans to expand beyond its New York base. The chain has already pulled out of leases in lower Manhattan and the new Hudson Yards complex under construction on Manhattan’s Far West Side. Of its 15 stores, seven are in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, with the rest outside the city in places such as Pelham Manor, N.Y., and Paramus, N.J.

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    Great store with amazing products and prices but they open to many stores to fast.

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