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“ValueWalk has built something unusual: There is a lot of good information helpful to investors and journalists alike on the internet and in library stacks but sifting through it for accuracy and relevance is a substantial investment in time and energy. What ValueWalk does is put things like good journalism, hedge fund letters, interviews and book excerpts together in one place. It’s a resource that has added value to my career.” 

– Roddy Boyd, Founder Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation (SIRF) who first exposed major scandals including Valeant’s Philidor and Insys Therapeutics once largest Fentanyl producers, whose executives are now in prison.

“Valuewalk Premium is a must have for anyone interested in the hedge fund and value investing world.”

 Sahm Adrangi, Chief Investment Officer Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC and among the best short-sellers today

“Jacob (Wolinsky) [ValueWalk founder] is one of the most honest men I know. Who else would write this stuff?” Jim Osman CEO, The Edge® (special situation investing research)

“A wonderful source for individual stock ideas and for learning the latest news/trends in the Investment community” 

Jay Petschek, Founder and Managing Member, Corsair Capital Management, L.P., $1 billion plus long/short hedge fund

These are all real emails we received from members or potential members – names or other identifying info have been removed for privacy purposes- emphasis is ours – no incentives or anything were offered, these were provided on their own in the course of conversation – hence why some sound so informal

1. From a (then potential) member – portfolio manager at a top mutual fund

I am looking to sign up as a member as part of my sons (7th grade and 3rd grade) homeschool finance curriculum. I got a 25% off discount emailed to me, but then found on your website the 50% off for students.

Would my situation apply for the 50% discount? Neither of my sons have a school issued email since they are both studying at home.

2. From a reader who had to cancel – investing banking analyst at one of the largest banks in the world

I really like the site I just don’t read it as much due to shift in my job focus. One of the best independent news sources for Wall Streeters!

3. From a free trial member (now paid) – research analyst at a market neutral quant fund

Thanks a bunch. I am able to access everything just fine. Loving what I see so far, content seems to be well ahead of the curve. Will subscribe in next few days.

4. Employee at major real estate firm

Thats really a solid customer service response.
I sincerely appreciate it and hope to be a happy subscriber for many years.
5. Greg Feirman Founder and CEO, Top Gun Financial
My @valuewalk subscription is paying off already. Just read Crescat Capital’s 1Q20 Investor Letter. Outstanding! @crescatkevin @TaviCosta