Energy Production Threatens Scarce Water Resources

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Hira Shahnawaz Akhtar
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Diminishing water baseline levels and increased demand from not only agriculture but also the energy sector has meant that water resources have become constrained. Little data is collected on the availability and consumption of water resources. The U.S. lacks planning in the area of water management and urgent measures need to be taken to appropriately distribute and preserve this valuable natural resource. Water constraints Synapse has recently released a report on the water constraints caused by energy production. It explains that thermo-electric power production is the most water-intensive process and is the largest consumer of water in the U.S. Figure…

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HFA Padded

Hira is a financial analyst whose expertise lies in commodity and other financial markets. Hira is currently an independent financial consultant and is working with many international firms like American Arab Solutions (AAS). She has previously served as a Senior Research Analyst at Alternate Research (Pvt.) Ltd. as the Team Leader for the International Equities Research. She has also worked as an equities analyst of Pakistani E&P stocks at Invest Capital Markets. She has experience in business development and conducting feasibility studies in commodity markets, specifically in sugar, palm oil and canola oilseeds. She has cleared all three levels of her CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and has an undergraduate degree in Finance.