Corporate Packages

Join the thousands of employees hedge funds and other investment firms who read Hedge Fund Alpha to stay one step ahead of the herd.

Whether you’d like to read ValueWalk for internal use or for clients, we are hear to help.  Our packages start at 10 logins and go up to as many as your firm requires.

We can customize to suit your specific company requirements.

We also take soft dollars and are already working with many large service providers who might be running these operations for your firm.

Compliance a big issue? No problem we have worked with officers at some of the strictest funds to help them feel comfortable with employees signing up. We can make your compliance officer in charge of all details and monitoring.  We have standard options shown in the screenshot at the bottom of this article, but we can also customize for larger companies needs such as logs of all your employee activity while on the site.

Think we can add value or not sure? Contact us at for a quick response or call or main office number at 973 685 6523 to discuss details.


Thank you! See group account screenshots below which can be customized further based on your needs.