Teton Capital Won Big with These Stocks in 2023 [Exclusive]

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Michelle deBoer-Jones
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Teton Capital Partners returned 4.8% gross and 3.87% net for December, rounding out its full-year return at 28.4% net for 2023. For comparison, the S&P 500 gained 26.3% in 2023, while the Russell 2000 rose 16.9% for the year. In December, Teton’s U.S. long positions contributed 5.85% gross to its return, while its international longs contributed 3.77%. The fund’s short positions subtracted 4.65% from its monthly return, while its other holdings subtracted 0.17% from its gross return. For all of 2023, Teton’s U.S. longs contributed 28.5% to its gross return, while its international return added 10.6%. Meanwhile, its short positions…

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Michelle deBoer-Jones is editor-in-chief of Hedge Fund Alpha. She also writes comparative analyses of stocks for TipRanks and runs Providence Writing Services. Previously, she was a television news producer for eight years, producing the morning news programs for NBC affiliates in Evansville, Indiana and Huntsville, Alabama and spending a short time at the CBS affiliate in Huntsville.