ADW Capital Partners Investor Letter PAR Technology Wins With Acquisitions

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Jacob Wolinsky
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PAR Technology

ADW Capital Partners has a story that is hard to forget. Its founder Adam Wyden started the fund back in 2010 from the second floor of his mother’s basement. All he had in the beginning was $400 thousand which fourteen years later grew to $500 million in AUM. The fund’s strategy is based on identifying lesser-known and smaller companies located in the United States and Western Europe. While investing in small-cap companies is connected with higher risk, they prioritize a conservative investing style. When finding a suitable company to invest in, Wyden and his partners are looking to invest for…

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HFA Padded

Jacob Wolinsky is the founder of HedgeFundAlpha (formerly ValueWalk Premium), a popular value investing and hedge fund focused intelligence service. Prior to founding the company, Jacob worked as an equity analyst focused on small caps. Jacob lives with his wife and five kids in Passaic NJ. - Email: jacob(at) FD: I do not purchase any equities to avoid conflict of interest and any insider information. I only purchase broad-based ETFs and mutual funds.