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Please see a recent survey of our email audience for a more specific breakdown here (2016) and here   (2017)

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Price varies according to many factors such as duration, season, demand and more. However, any premium display units (such as the 300×250 above the fold) go for about $4-5 CPM or a set rate based on ValueWalk’s page views of 5 million per month and about 7-8M views a month on all platforms which syndicate us. We receive over 1.5 million (1 million unique) visitors a month with 65 percent of the visitors based in the U.S., 6 percent from Canada, 5 percent from the UK, and 25 percent from the rest of the globe.

Typically are prices are

  • Email blasts – $55 CPM
  • Newsletter insert sponsorships $3 CPC
  • Display – $5 RPM ABF or $10k a month (desktop only)
  • Display BTF $2 RPM (desktop only)
  • Display below posts – $3RPM (based on page-views) or $4k a month (desktop only)
  • Sponsored posts – $899


We accept sponsored/native ads and have inventory available, please contact for inquires.


Sponsorship is available for certain areas of the site, including the investor resources pages and the book pages. Please contact for inquires.


We accept free contests (only cost is item you giveaway) – Contests are a good way to promote your product and drive engagement to your site, social media accounts etc. See example here. Please email Jacob for further details.

Guest posts

We accept sponsored posts, pricing depends on nature of the post and requirements but ranges from $299-$999 in pricing.

We pride ourselves on ethics, integrity, and complying with the law. Therefore, we do not accept  posts on the topic of or linking to sites about binary options CFDs, Forex, Casinos and other related products unless they are regulated in The United States. We do not accept any sponsored (or non sponsored) posts on penny stocks regardless of location and if stock pitch/activity looks suspicious we will flag them as potential pump and dumps to colleagues and/or regulators who work on fraud busting. ICOs are a new area see this article for general guide on topic and/or FINRA’s warning.
Please email Jacob for further details.


Reprints are also available at a fair price (example here), and we are very flexible with ideas/methods of distribution but general pricing is $499 for unlimited rights. Please email info(@) or for further details. The Facts

  • The site:
    • receives 5M views a month, has 6-5-10M views total through our distribution partners
    • over 1M unique visitors,
    • has Google Pr of 5,
    • and an Alexa of under 10k.
  • The audience:
    • 60% of our audience earns over $100k/year,
    • 44% earn over $150K/year.
    • 30% have graduate degrees.
  • We get analyst traffic from all the big banks, hedge funds (including CEOs at multi billion dollar hedge funds), PE firms, VC firms, corporations, HWNIs etc.
  • The site has hundreds of thousands of subscribers via the newsletter, twitter, Facebook and other media outlets. Facebook 100k+ likes, Twitter 47K+follows, Stocktwits 35K follows, newsletter 60K subscribers.

ValueWalk is cited/quoted/sourced by every major media outlet, including WSJ, NYT, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNN, CNBC, FT, Huffington Post, Yahoo FinanceDrudge Report etc. The site is also cited on a regular basis in sell side reports (another example), and industry research.

Also ValueWalk in books, scholar, HighBeam, WP reference, SSRN

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