2024 Sohn New York Conference: Mohammed Anjarwala, Michael Buckley, Nick Shalek, and Tom Morgan

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The following are notes from the 29th Annual 2024 New York Sohn Investment Conference, which took place on April 3rd, 2024. Mohammed Anjarwala is a Managing Director at Advent International, and leads Advent’s global crossover fund Sunley House Capital.  Michael Buckley  is an Analyst at Duquesne Family Office LLC.  Nick Shalek of Ribbit Capital. Tom Morgan of Sapient Capital. Michael Buckley  NTRA – Ticker Natera Cancer research company, catalyst is Altaira product DNA, blood testing 2030 Forecast is a 36% EBIT margin and an EBit of 2030 Risks are Altair disappointment , competition and reimbursement Mohammed Anjarwala Carpenter technology crs:nyse…

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