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It’s About To Get Wild…

A few years back, I was in NYC for meetings. All of a sudden, it started to pour, absolutely Miami style rain. Miraculously, an umbrella vendor popped out of nowhere (I’ve never understood how this works, but it is crazy how fast they can show up).

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Me: I’ll take a large umbrella.

Him: That will be $50.

Me: WTF!!! That’s a 2 dollar piece of Chinese crap. It probably breaks before I even get to my meeting.

Him: Son, you’re short an umbrella and I’m long. Pay me or get soaked.

Me: (looking at my suit, realizing my meeting is more important than haggling). How bout $20??

Him: $50 firm.

Me: Fine!! (argggh)

Moral of the story?? Sometimes it’s better to get filled than to go without.


Credit to Winston Miles from Eight Capital for sending…

We’ve just moved onto a new phase of the Biden/Fink Energy Crisis. It isn’t about the price you pay, it’s about not running out. Let that sink in. No one wants to get scammed by the umbrella guy, but it’s even worse to show up at an important meeting soaked…

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