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German retailer Aldi Nord to raise prices by 20-50% on Monday

German retailer Aldi Nord will raise its prices by an average of 20-50% due to an increase in production costs, local media reported on Sunday.

From Monday onwards, meat, sausage products, and butter will be “significantly more expensive,” a company spokesman told German press agency DPA, adding that the price hikes in various products were necessary due to the rise in manufacturing costs.

And boom! Overnight, food prices are rising up to 50% in Germany.

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According to the German Retail Association (HDE), consumers should prepare for another wave of price hikes for everyday goods and groceries.

Even before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, prices had risen by about five per cent “across the product range” as a result of increased energy prices, HDE President Josef Sanktjohanser told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung on Friday.

With Russia’s invasion hitting economies and the supply chain harder, yet another series of price increases is on the horizon.

“The second wave of price increases is coming, and it will certainly be in double figures,” Sanktjohanser warned.”

Another major global breadbasket may halt grain exports — RT Business News

Kazakhstan is to restrict exports of grain/flour. They are one of TOP 10 grain exporters in the world.

In fact, 70 nations depend on imports from Kazakhstan.

This breakdown in global food trade is exactly what was foreseen by John Podesta’s Food Chain Reaction Game in 2005 (in fact, it was even slated to happen in 2022).

Plant your gardens, folks. And tap into a local group network because no man is an island.

I expect Covid-style lockdowns, but this time due to a food and energy crisis. Putin will be blamed as he makes for an easy scapegoat. The truth is the seeds to this catastrophe were laid many many years ago.


Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.


Kissinger is easily one of the most evil, despicable, downright unethical, morally bankrupt central planners ever to have existed. He has been known for decades for his desire to create a New World Order, based loosely on the Westphalian system. He is cut from the same filthy cloth as Klaus Schwab with his only redeeming feature being that he’s 99 and therefore about to shed his mortal coil. It couldn’t come sooner.

In the meantime, our fertilizer stocks still have a long way to go, even though they’ve been up on a stick this year.

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