Investor Focus on Nuclear Energy Pushes VanEck’s Uranium ETF to $100 million in AUM

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VanEck Uranium ETF
  • The VanEck Uranium and Nuclear Technologies UCITS ETF invests in the leading equities involved in the production and facilitation of uranium and nuclear energy
  • Nuclear energy is considered an important contribution to energy security efforts as well as the global commitment to reduce CO2 emissions

London, UK 11 June 2024 VanEck, the global asset manager, is proud to announce that its VanEck Uranium and Nuclear Technologies UCITS ETF has reached a fund volume of USD 100 million. The ETF, which was launched in Germany in February 2023, allows investors to gain exposure to companies active in the uranium and nuclear energy sectors.

“Security concerns are currently accelerating the resurgence of nuclear energy,” explained Martijn Rozemuller, CEO of VanEck Europe. “Nuclear power is a viable alternative for countries without domestic oil and gas producers in order to achieve greater energy security and independence.”

The reduction of CO2 emissions remains a global focus, and as a result, uranium as a low-carbon energy source has become much more relevant again. For example, at the COP 28 conference in December last year, more than 20 countries committed to working towards tripling the global nuclear energy capacity by 2050.

“Pledges to further develop capacities has boosted the prospects and share prices of companies operating in the nuclear industry, which is also reflected in the performance of our VanEck Uranium and Nuclear Technologies UCITS ETF and the steadily growing demand from investors since its launch last year,” added Rozemuller.

With a pure-play approach, the fund holds shares of companies that generate a significant proportion of their sales from uranium or nuclear energy infrastructure. These may include, but are not limited to, companies involved in the construction or maintenance of nuclear power facilities or that provide technologies and services to the nuclear power industry as well as those involved in the development and commercialisation of nuclear fusion or liquid salt reactors.

The VanEck Uranium and Nuclear Technologies UCITS ETF follows the MarketVector™ Global Uranium and Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Index. It excludes companies that have committed very serious violations of social standards, generate sales with controversial weapons or exceed certain sales thresholds in various critical sectors. The ETF does not have sustainable investments as an investment objective, nor does it promote environmental or social characteristics in accordance with the SFDR Regulation.

  • Risk of investments in companies in the natural resources sector: Investments in natural resources and commodity companies, which include companies active in agriculture, alternatives (e.g. water and alternative energy), base and industrial metals, energy, forestry products and precious metals, are highly dependent on the demand for, supply and price of natural resources. They can also be significantly affected by events related to these sectors, including international political and economic developments, embargoes, tariffs, inflation, weather and natural disasters, animal diseases, exploration restrictions, frequent changes in the supply and demand for natural resources and other factors.
  • Liquidity risks: Liquidity risks arise when it is difficult to buy or sell a particular financial instrument. If the relevant market is illiquid, it may not be possible to enter into a transaction or to liquidate a position at a favourable or appropriate price, or at all. This is a factor to consider when investing in a nuclear ETF.
  • Industry or sector concentration risk: The assets of the Fund may be concentrated in one or more sectors or industries. The fund may be subject to the risk that political, economic or other conditions adversely affecting the relevant sectors or industries may adversely affect the performance of the fund to a greater extent than if the fund's assets were invested in a wider variety of sectors and industries.
ETF VanEck Uranium and Nuclear Technologies UCITS ETF
Ticker Xetra NUKL
Investment manager VanEck Asset Management B.V.
Fund domicile Ireland
Index provider MarketVector Indexes
Base currency US Dollar
Rebalancing Quarterly
Product structure Physical (full replication)
Income treatment Accumulation
Launch date 3 February 2023
Total expense ratio (TER) 0.55% p.a.

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