Value Investing Seminar 2024 Stock Ideas: Greenlea Lane, Quintessential, Rentrop, SLAM, LLB AM And Much More

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Josh Tarasoff - Value Investing Seminar

The 20th Value Investing Seminar, hosted by Ciccio Azzollini, Whitney Tilson, and Il Valore Conta, was held on 4-5 July 2024 at Hotel San Paolo al Convento in Trani, Italy. Keep checking this page to see all the updates and analysis from the event.

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2024 Value Investing Seminar Agenda

Thursday - July 4, 2024

Ciccio Azzollini, “Il Valore Conta and Whitney Tilson, Stansberry Research (Organizers)

Christoph Hilfiker  LLB Asset Management AG (Liechtenstein)

See: Christoph Hilfiker of LLB Asset Management: These...

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